Monday, June 3, 2013

Swim lessons are a success!

The girls LOVED their first day of swim lessons! The teachers were great, and they really got the girls in the water, and getting comfortable. Charly and Kenna are looking forward to another day tomorrow. I'm looking forward to sleep...I'm exhausted. :)
Kenna doing the alligator crawl!

Charly doing the alligator crawl!
Daphne watching her sisters

Time for RIDES!!!!!

Charly is so excited that she now gets
to ride the big rides, solo!

Swings! One of Kenna's favorites!

Daphne waiting for the carousel!
Then, the girls discovered the funny mirrors! At this point, Daphne just wanted to get in the car, so she could go to she didn't participate. But, Kenna and Charly hung out here, for about 5 minutes. They would have stayed longer if Daphne would have allowed it! It was so funny!!!

And, the Frog Hopper was the last ride of the day. The girls wanted to do so much more...crammed in one day. I had to remind them, that swim lessons are Monday through Thursday, for the next four weeks, so they need not worry...they'll do everything. :) Maybe tomorrow, we'll get to the paddle boats, and a whole 18 holes of putt putt (Daphne got hurt after the ninth hole, so we had to leave...thank goodness I came prepared, with band-aids!).

Overall, the day was a huge success. It wore Daphne out enough that she took a 3 1/2 hour nap this afternoon! She welcomes naps, thankfully!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Swim Lessons start tomorrow!

The time has come! Swim lessons start tomorrow, for Kenna and Charly. They are Monday thru Thursday, for 4 weeks. Charly was super nervous about it, because being 8 years old and not knowing how to swim "Is completely and totally embarrassing". Yup...her words! I then explained that that's EXACTLY why she's getting into swim lessons, so she will learn how to swim. That definitely made her feel a bit better. Kenna is just super excited for swim lessons.

I got the girls registered on Friday, for their lessons. Kenna will be in the amazing 3 year olds class, which is a 30 minute class. Charly is will be in the silver class, which is a 45 minute class. Thankfully, they start at the same time, so I don't have a lot of running to do. Charly saw the ages of some of the kids in her class (5 & 6 year olds) and was upset, but the one teacher told her that she is so very graceful in the water, that she thinks Charly is going to be an EXCELLENT swimmer. That made Charly light up! Then, she told me that if Charly starts progressing very quickly, they can always re-test her and move her up to gold level, if needed. After that encouragement, Charly began trying very hard to swim underwater. She could do it last year, but since this was only the second time in the water, this year, she was having a little trouble. She goes under, but isn't quite moving. She'll get there for sure, especially with all the practice.

I can't wait! They'll have so much fun, and I'll get to see all the progress they're making! Be prepared for pictures. :)
Charly was worn out after class registration!
This little fish was having a blast!

Kenna needed a nap! She "ran out of energy!" 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Busy 'summer' day!

Yesterday, I took the girls to Goodwill, for their 99c kids clothing day, and then, we grabbed a quick lunch and headed to a natural park with some good friends. At first, all the kids weren't sure what to do without a playground, but soon figured it out, and even went on a 1 mile hike. :) Well, apparently, yesterday completely wore them out, because this morning I had to wake my girls up at 920, so they could get ready to go to Coney Island.
So, they finally get up, excitedly, I might add, and get their swimming suits on! They are so excited! We get there, and they can't wait to get in the was SO cold!! We had lunch there, but sadly, all the rides were closed, today. 
So, after the pool, we took a short car ride, and went to Lunken Park and hit up a play area there. We hung out for a little over an hour, then all three girls were hot and ready to go. Daphne passed out within minutes of getting in the cool air conditioning, of the car. We got home, and the big girls 'accidentally' woke her she was ready to go again! A little toddler running around on not enough sleep and being clumsy is NO FUN! So...we went back outside, after dinner. Charly drove her remote control Mustand, and then all three girls rode their bikes. Then, FINALLY, Daphne was ready for sleepy town! So, I took her up to bed, and let the big girls have their freeze pops. :) to bed everyone goes. Back to Coney Island tomorrow, for swim lessons registration. Then, I have to work, in the evening, while the big girls go to their Nana and Pappy's!

Another busy day on our hands!!!

I'll post pictures in a bit, my computer is not cooperating!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Croods

I LOVE SUMMER VACATION!!!! Seriously, not having to get up quite so early (though Daphne still likes to be up around 730-800) and being able to do whatever we want, whenever we want. It's fantastic!

First of all, I would like to give a shout out to all veterans! Thank you for your service, past and present. And, to those that lost their lives, thank you for your sacrifice. Happy Memorial Day. 
So, yesterday, on Memorial Day, I took the trio to see The Croods. We went with family friends (Charly's bestie, bestie's friend, and bestie's brother...Kenna's friend). It made the movie trip so much more enjoyable. :) Anyhow, we got a HUGE popcorn and soda, both of which come with free refills. I broke out the paper bags, and everyone got their own bag of popcorn, and we brought color coded straws, so we could share the drink. :) Yes, we like to do things as inexpensively as possible. When raising three girls, now is the time to be saving. All the kiddos (and the Moms) enjoyed the movie. There were lots of giggles and some more serious parts, but it was definitely a hit. Daphne, my crazy baby that doesn't like to watch TV, even sat on my lap and squealed with delight, when everyone would laugh. There was a baby behind us that kept crying, and sometimes that consumed Daphne's attention, but then baby would stop and she'd go back to enjoying the movie. :) I'm glad she wasn't running through the aisles like I had expected!

So, if you haven't already...check out The Croods.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

When did I get so old???

So, today, I went to a high school graduation party for a family friend. I remember when he was born. I remember when he started Kindergarten. And, here I am, now getting to remember he graduated high school in 2013.

Then, it donned on me...what the heck!?!?! I graduated in 1998! That's 15(!!!!!!!) years ago! OMG! Where has the time gone??? Here I am, 32, almost 33, I still feel like I'm 21! LOL! Now, I have three beautiful girls, and unbelievably, one is 8 1/2!

Geez! Time does fly when you're having fun, but I didn't realize it would fly so fast!!!


Sheesh...Time getting away from me...

Ok. With summer break officially here, and much time having passed since my last entry, I'm hoping to SERIOUSLY get started back up. :)

Let's see...since my last post, Daphne has turned one, Daphne went Trick or Treat-ing for the first time, Kenna turned three, we had Christmas in Orlando (and went to Universal Studios), Charly turned eight, the girls went to their first Reds Game ever, and Charly finished 2nd grade! Phew!!!! It's definitely been a busy couple of months! So...instead of continuing to ramble...why not show off some pictures. :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Love this time of year! PUMPKIN PATCH TIME!

Yesterday, Charly went with her Pappy to help some friends at their new house. Charly wanted to go, so she could ride her dirt bike over there. :) So, Kenna and Daphne hung out with Brian and I. Daphne is still a bit under the weather, and since Kenna and I don't really get mommy/daughter time, I decided to take JUST her to a pumpkin patch (McGlasson's). :) She had SO much fun! Here are a 'few' pictures. :)